This little light of mine …..


Be careful who you tell your ideas / dreams , cos they are fragile seeds that can easily be crushed with doubts and unbelief, you need good mentors and positive people around  you to help nurture those fragile SDI’s (seeds,dreams and ideas)  and sometimes haters to remind  you of what you are up against, Life’s an uphill battle, filled with obstacles and tests.

Anyone chasing a dream knows that there is no smooth path, and it’s the journey along the way that builds the person at the end. Success wouldn’t be success without the trials, challenges  and tribulations it takes to get there, because anything worth achieving must involve some sacrifice and hardship.

Remember when you’re little everything seemed possible,And you grow up thinking you will become someone remarkable.Picturing yourself as a superhero or a doctor,Maybe even a star player, a firefighter,a successful entrepreneur  or an actor.Some grow up and their dreams start to fade, Because of fear of failure and doubts .i recently read somewhere that fear kills more dreams than failure

Dream big as if nothing is unimaginable,No matter what it is I promise you it’s  doable and attainable.
Once you succeed you should be grateful to God ,Because not everybody got the chance to have a life as fateful.So never give up on a dream worth living,Remember there’s no easy way to success.. You have to stumble and fall first.. And it’s up to the individual to get up and try again.. Because the road to success is always under construction.
“ maybe one day you’ll be in the hall of fame –And the world’s going to know your name.”


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